Jeep Renegade Lowering Springs - MADNESS Off Road

Jeep Renegade Lowering Springs - MADNESS Off Road

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  • Model Renegade
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For those that want to take a different route!

We think the Jeep Renegade would make a great, little rally wagon and decided to design and manufacture a set of performance lowering springs for those that feel the same way.

These MADNESS Lowering Springs were developed as a joint effort between us (MADNESS) and our European Partners that produce some of the best performance spring in the world.

Our goal at MADNESS was to produce a line of performance springs that have been designed specifically for the Jeep Renegade. We have been offering MADNESS Performance Springs for other select vehicles since 2009. The Jeep Renegade shares a number of components with other FIAT Vehicles which we are very familiar with. We currently offer a number of custom lowering springs for other FIAT Vehicles and now have a set that is specific to the Jeep Renegade.

We designed the springs to be linear and progressive for the best combination of ride and handling. The front springs are progressive and the rear are linear which allows us to offer a nice drop, improved handling and a nice ride.

What are progressive rate springs?

Progressive rate springs feature individual coils that are spaced differently and have a spring rate that is variable. Under normal driving conditions the first couple of centimeters compress easily, but as you apply more force (as in high speed cornering) the coils come closer. At a certain point, coil at the top 1/4 of progressive springs begin to touch each other and finally become inactive or dead, and that makes the spring stiffer. Apply more forces to a progressive spring then it becomes stiffer because as the number of active coils in a spring decreases, the spring rate increases. So, progressive springs may both be sensitive to very small bumps on the road, while giving the stiffness you need during hard braking and turning.


  •  Designed and manufactured exclusively for MADNESS
  •  Made in Germany
  •  Designed to fit the Jeep Renegade
  •  Front Springs Progressive Rate Design / Rear Springs Linear Design
  •  Improves handling of the vehicle
  •  Gives the car an enhanced stance
  • Approx. 1.4" drop
  • These Lowering Springs will not fit the 2WD Model

Spring Rates:

Front Springs:
Rate 1 - 131.33 lbs
Spring Type - Linear

Rear Springs:
Rate 1 - 97.07 lbs
Rate 2 - 159.9 lbs
Spring Type - Progressive


Alignment is recommended with springs, suspension kits or coil-over kits.

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