Jeep Renegade Phone Mount

Jeep Renegade Phone Mount

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Own the only phone mount your phone and car deserve by MADNESS!

This mount is one of the best looking mounts available, while also being very durable and sturdy. This durability and sturdiness comes from its simple 2 piece construction. It is constructed from custom CNC milled Anodized Aluminum and high quality Cadmium Plated Steel. The mount features a powerful magnet that will always keeps your device in place.

It is designed to work with most mobile devices, small tablets and most GPS units. It includes two different sized magnetic discs that you can attach to your device with removable double sided tape that is easy to remove, and will not damage your device at all. These discs can work on all devices including devices with or without cases. you can mount it on or behind a case and it will still attach to the mount. The magnetic phone holder includes a rubber pad that is designed to prevent any damage or scratches on your device. 

The mount features 360 degrees of rotation. Thanks to its ball mount design it can be rotated and swiveled to whatever position you want and will remain in whatever position you put it in. This allows you to rotate your device to landscape when you need to and the base of the mount remains where it is mounted.

This mount will also work outside of your car as well. You can use it on your desk at work, on your computer monitor, or anywhere at home. The supplied 3M Adhesive allows you to mount the base virtually anywhere and will instantly give you a place to mount your device. Thanks to it's slim  and sleek design it is not invasive and will not get in the way. You can mount it wherever you want and it will look fantastic, and to top it off we've included our MADNESS logo on the center of the holder. 


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Stands just 1.25" tall, diameter of the pad is 1.50", Diameter of the base is 1.00"
  • Anodized Black/ Chrome Finish
  • Rubber pad protects the mobile device from any scratches or damage
  • Constructed from high quality Cadmium Plated Steel and CNC milled Anodized Aluminum
  • Powerful magnet keeps the mount in whatever position you put it
  • Compatible with virtually every device including smartphones and tablets
  • 360 Degree rotation allows you to position your device for the best viewing angle
  • Simple yet sturdy 2 piece design
  • Can be mounted in your Jeep, office or at home
  • Includes 2 mounting discs that can be attached to various devices
  • Includes an additional 3M adhesive if you need to remove it from it's location

Please note!

Some pictures show the previous version in Gold. The listing is for our new Black/ Chrome Version that features stronger a magnet and an improved mounting pad.

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