BOX O' STUFF - Jeep Renegade

BOX O' STUFF - Jeep Renegade

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Here is a little something for those of you that are feeling a bit adventurous!

Limit one per customer!

What is this BOX O' STUFF you may ask?

Well with so many offerings in stock we sometimes have display items, low inventory item, close outs, scratch and dent parts and etc that are sitting on our shelves. Rather than doing individual listings we thought we would have a little fun instead and put together what we call a BOX O' STUFF.

If you are a gambling man or woman and want to have a little fun this is for you!

Once we receive your order we will walk through our isles and display and randomly pull items that are related to your vehicle and put them inside the box. Once we feel we have filled this box with enough items that are worth at least two times more and are related we will close up the box and ship it to you.

You will receive it and have a little surprise inside. You may love or it hate it, but it is yours to keep!

The rules are:

No returns!

No exchanges!

No complaining!

No posting on a forum that the random item(s) you got was not what you hoped for!

No multiple orders for this. One per customer! We will cancel multiple orders.

Each box will be filled with different items, but they will all be related to the Renegade in some way.

We will ask you several questions during the checkout process which will help guide us on what to pull and put in your box.

So, if you are feeling adventurous and would like to gamble a bit this is for you!

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